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Self Storage


Bentworth Outdoor Storage offers the best self storage options to the residents of GTA. We have been in the business for a long time, and we value and understand the expectations of clients when they reach us with their storage needs. We are catering all kind of vehicle and furniture storage needs in the region with utmost efficiency and care. No matter whatever is the need, we have storage solutions for every client.

Our self storage services are truly exclusive as we guarantee an unparalleled level of facilities to our valued clients. We have employed the best security systems to ensure the safety of properties kept in our trust. Our clients can reach their valuables at their convenient access hours all around the week. We have a team of knowledgeable staff at our premises who take ample care to ensure clients have easy access to their storage spaces. Our onsite managers are always in the premises, catering queries, doubts and complaints. All storage units have been kept under video surveillance for constant monitoring of movements. In addition to this, particular security staffs have been employed all over our spaces for manual security maintenance. Our teams of maintenance experts work round the clock to upkeep and maintain the cleanliness of the storage units.

Bentworth Outdoor Storage is known for offering the best prices for self storage facilities. We have deals and offers to meet every kind of personal, commercial and official storage needs. Our services can also be availed for storing large industrial vehicles, RVs and boats for the entire year. There are simplified renting options available for seasonal and monthly furniture and vehicle storage needs. For those who want secure and safe storing solutions, we are ready to offer the best storage services to you. Call our expert team today to learn more about our valued deals.