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Boat Storage


Bentworth Outdoor Storage offers the best boat storage option in the GTA region. We have been working in the industry for years, and we understand and value the needs of clients. Our storage units have been designed to offer the best tailored storage options. Customers can contact us anytime for a rented space, and we would be happy to assist with our services.

Our boat storage services remains unparalleled by most other companies, thanks to our inclination to quality services. We offer the best storage facilities at an unbeatable price. Our staffs have been trained to serve customers in a friendly manner and to ensure that customers have no issues with accessing their boats stored with us. We have installed a proven security system which includes technical and manual surveillance. We have kept our entire premise under video camera watch and have security staff deployed for personal protection of various valuables. In addition to this, our onsite manager is constantly working on the premise, checking and confirming safety and security. Customers can always ask for all kinds of help and clarify their doubts from our efficient managers.

Bentworth Outdoor Storage has always been devoted towards providing the best customer service experience. We offer customized storage solutions according to the budget and duration. We have distinctive packages for annual boat storage need at the best prices of the industry. Customers can also get a space for storing their boat in off seasons on a monthly basis. Our rental agreements are straightforward to understand and can be tailored as per customer’s request. We spend massive amounts in upkeep of our indoor and outdoor storage units, giving customers well maintained and clean storage spaces to call of their own. Our experienced team is working 365 days in a year, waiting to serve nothing but the best storage services.